Conference Balling on a Budget

By Amara Brady posted 04-19-2019 10:05


Photo Cred: Noor Eemaan

As an emerging leader in the theatre (at least that’s what everyone tells me I am) I’m constantly at the intersection of utilizing my financial resources to advance my career or cover my basic needs or have a social life or...or...or. So I wanted to do some research for theatre people on a budget with a strong desire to attend this conference and others.

Here are my top five tips to make conference happen for you (on a budget):

There are a few ways to tackle this particular area. The most readily available one I would suggest is through our scholarships and subsidies application. Scholarships are available for full-time staff members of member theatres and subsidies are available for Individual TCG Members (including individual artists, undergraduate and post-graduate students, and staff members at non-Member Theatres). Our final scholarships and subsidies application deadline is Friday, April 26th.
Discounts are also a great option and you can find more out about them here. Also our Early Bird Registration has been extended until April 19th! (Today!) In addition to these options you can also ask for sponsorship from your community. (Here’s a google search for proposal templates to get you started)

While we would love you to stay in the InterContinental Miami Hotel (there is a    conference discount) we know that the high cost of lodging is a major hurdle faced bymany who want to attend. In the past, to lower the cost of my travel experience I’ve stayed in Hostels, AirBnB’s, and similarly to AirBnB hometogo is also a lovely option. (Just don’t count so much on AirBnb in Miami Beach!) Grab your friends and rent a whole house. Make your time in Miami one big party.


I believe the chance to experience the local community is one of the conference’s greatest joys. The chance to experience Miami, or any city for that matter shouldn’t be dictated by what you can or can’t spend. Here is a calendar of Cultural Events in the Palm Beach County area. There are also tons of beaches with rich cultural history including the first integrated beach (through protest not by choice) in Miami, Haulover Park. As well as the first official and only beach for People of Color in Miami Dade County, Virginia Key Beach. As for night-life we hope you’ll spend it with us at the Opening Night Party, which is included in your conference registration. There will also be free entertainment offerings at the hotel on Thursday night of the conference!

       4. TRANSPORT
Miami’s Public Transit system has been ranked in the top ten transit systems in the Nation and is a trusted form of transport in the community. Maps & Fare information can be found here. We encourage you to try out the FREE Metro Mover to get you around downtown and surrounding areas [add link maybe?].

Last, but not least:


Most conference meals are opt-in at an additional cost in the registration process, but you can keep your costs down by sourcing your own food options! Foodies need not fear as there are plenty of great food options available that are budget friendly.
Here’s a list of some highly recommended cheap eats from Thrillist. Also give Devon’s blog post Discovering Miami through food a read, and hot tip: there’s a Whole Foods just a few blocks from the InterContinental! Finally, the Miami Host Committee has put together a variety of their favorite options, which you can find on American Theatre’s website here.

That’s all I have for now! Come to the National Conference and save some money. We’d love to see you!