2020 Fall Forum| Summit on Governance Opening Session Archive

By Anne Ciarlone posted 12-03-2020 17:53


From the 2020 Fall Forum archives…

Summit Opening Session | Just and Thriving Governance: From the Roots

"We will be able to collectively experience the joy of a just and thriving theatre ecology. But can we do it without embracing, and taking on, and championing, and bucking the assumptions that underpin our very way of thinking?" -Nikkole Salter

Featuring Alison De La Cruz, Tara Moses, Nikkole Salter, & Harold Steward
plus TCG’s Adrian Budhu, Teresa Eyring, & Corinna Schulenburg

As our field responds to the #WeSeeYouWAT demands, we are called to question the business models we’ve inherited, and to get at the root of injustices that have evolved and taken hold within our theatre community. This plenary session features a conversation with BIPOC theatremakers working within those models, as they help us to collectively envision a more just and thriving governance ecology. 

Watch the full video here or at the embedded video below.