2020 Fall Forum | Centering: ACCOUNTABILITY Archive

By Anne Ciarlone posted 12-09-2020 12:25


From the 2020 Fall Forum Archives…


"I don't get to decide what the revolution is, I can only do my work. Someone in 100 years will tell me if what we did was historic. Just do the work and don't worry about whether you're changing the world. Change YOUR world." -Lauren Spencer

Featuring Sonia Fernandez, Mina Morita, Lauren Spencer, & Eric Ting
Plus TCG’s Emilya Cachapero, Elena Chang, & Sarah Machiko Haber

The final two days of the 2020 Fall Forum welcomed all practitioners in the field. Amid a divisive election and the ongoing pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, we focused on connecting with and caring for each other. Our four plenary spaces featured generative and emergent conversations around four themes: Joy, Community, Accountability and finally answering the question, “What do we mean by Just & Thriving?” In these sessions, we’ll make space to discuss the foundation and practice of these themes, allowing for the smaller group connections and sharing that have always been a beloved part of our in-person gatherings. Through these conversations, we hope to collectively envision our way forward.

One of the inspirations for the Bay Area Theater Accountability Workgroup is the work of Mia Mingus around transformative justice. Mia Mingus' breakdown of the four parts of accountability can be found here.

Watch the full video here or at the embedded video below.

Link to Mia Mingus’ Accountability & Apology Resources