2020 Fall Forum | Centering: COMMUNITY Archive

By Anne Ciarlone posted 12-15-2020 12:37


From the 2020 Fall Forum Archives…

Centering: COMMUNITY

"As we're talking about community building, I want us to embrace tension, as something not in opposition to love, but something that requires love to work through." - Alexandra Meda

Led by Alexandra Meda & Jonathan H. McCrory
Plus TCG’s Adrian Budhu, Teresa Eyring, & Erica Lauren Ortiz

The final two days of the 2020 Fall Forum welcomed all practitioners in the field. Amid a divisive election and the ongoing pandemics of COVID-19 and racism, we focused on connecting with and caring for each other. Our four plenary spaces featured generative and emergent conversations around four themes: Joy, Community, Accountability and finally answering the question, “What do we mean by Just & Thriving?” In these sessions, we’ll make space to discuss the foundation and practice of these themes, allowing for the smaller group connections and sharing that have always been a beloved part of our in-person gatherings. Through these conversations, we hope to collectively envision our way forward.

Watch the full video here or at the embedded video below.