2020 Fall Forum Summit on Governance | Governance Culture and Policies

By Anne Ciarlone posted 01-05-2021 16:08


From the 2020 Fall Forum Archives…

Governance Culture and Policies

“One of the things I’ve done with my own department heads is to say: ‘yes, [the WSYWAT Demands] is a document that is speaking to BIPOC issues, but we should also recognize that if we’re actually able to work through the issues of this document we will have worked through the issues of oppression for our entire field. Because there is intersectionality for all people within this document.” -Hana Sharif

Led by Laurie Baskin, Elena Chang, and Hana Sharif

In this session, participants engaged with processes toward building and sustaining anti-racist policy and governance culture. We addressed the #WeSeeYouWAT demands focused on institutional transparency; disrupting racism at the board level; eliminating mandatory financial minimum gifts for trustees; BIPOC artist representation on boards; and more.  

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