Working Assumptions for White Theatremakers Acting On BIPOC Demands Affinity Space

By Corinna Schulenburg posted 09-01-2020 06:34


White Theatre-makers Acting On BIPOC Demands Affinity Space

White Theatre-makers Acting On Bipoc Demands is an affinity space for action, reflection,  and accountability. We connect regularly, on Zoom and on the TCG Circle, to support each other in responding to the demands presented by #WeSeeYouWAT and other BIPOC organizers. TCG staffers Teresa Eyring and Corinna Schulenburg will provide facilitation support.

We’re holding this space with the following working assumptions:

  • The organizers’ demands are valid and deserve our action. This is not a group to discuss the validity of the demands. 
  • #WeSeeYouWAT is one of many BIPOC collectives whose demands deserve action. While the #WeSeeYouWAT demands will be our starting place, we’ll be responsive to other organizers at the national, local, and theatre-specific level. 
  • This is not a book club. While White anti-racist education is critical, this space will be focused on action. Where needed, we can support each other with resources for reflection outside of these meetings. 
  • Our work is transparent, accessible, and accountable. Agendas and action items will be publicly available. BIPOC theatre-makers are always welcome to attend and participate in our meetings. We do this work within clear accountability relationships: in some cases, shared, as with the #WeSeeWAT organizers; in other cases, unique to local contexts. 
  • We are not experts, and we are not leading this work. Teresa and Corinna will help facilitate the group and meetings, but we are not experts. Our BIPOC colleagues are leading this work, and our role is to follow their leadership in acting on these demands.
  • This work should be joyful. Together, we are dismantling the systems that have caused our BIPOC colleagues so much harm. This work may be challenging but it can also be joyful.