Open Forum on Hiring

By Corinna Schulenburg posted 04-08-2021 14:48

As the theatre field carefully reopens, many theatres find themselves on the verge of the most significant hiring processes in recent memory. Collectively, this represents a significant opportunity for our field to meet the #WeSeeYouWAT demands for BIPOC representation. What are the tools and resources we need to hire equitably? What are the systems that will hold us accountable? How can we ensure this surge of hiring doesn't negatively impact BITOC (Black Theatres, Indigenous Theatres, and Theatres of Color)? And, for white leaders, how are we evaluating the space we take up, and if and when we move back, move within, and lead differently? 

An Open
Forum on Hiring is part of TCG’s White Theatre-makers Acting On BIPOC Demands Affinity Space. In addition to our regular monthly meetings to work through the demands, we’re also hosting quarterly open forums to provide more expansive action-planning around specific demands.  On Tuesday, April 13, from 2 to 3:30pm ET, TCG will be hosting Open Forum on Hiring