Your Advocacy Needed as Details of Next COVID-19 Relief Package Start to Emerge!

By Laurie Baskin posted 07-24-2020 11:27


Expand and recapitalize the Paycheck Protection Program resources,
provide new opportunities for those that have exhausted initial PPP funds, remove restrictions and burdens for self-employed applicants, eliminate the 500-employee cap, and provide dedicated funding for nonprofit organizations. Extend the duration of the program and the loan forgiveness period, expand eligibility and allowable costs, and swiftly issue clear loan forgiveness guidance.

Several proposals are under consideration that would provide a new or second opportunity to access Paycheck Protection Program forgivable loans. However, there may be eligibility restrictions related to employee size. It is not yet clear whether employee counts will improve from the current SBA formula. Eligibility requirements may also include a percentage threshold for revenue declines.

We are asking Congress to ensure that all nonprofit arts organizations have access to the next phase of forgivable loans to support their workforce and service to communities.

Expand the duration of pandemic unemployment benefits and improve guidelines for implementation so that artists and other gig economy workers with mixed income sources (such as W-2 and 1099) receive full support rather than unfairly being limited to partial benefits. Update Disaster Unemployment Assistance to ensure support for artists and other gig economy workers in the long term.

These benefits expire at the end of this month, and negotiations are underway in Congress and with the White House regarding the $600/week in Pandemic Unemployment Compensation currently available. Some proposals may significantly diminish the weekly amount or temporarily extend the current rate.  

We are asking Congress to immediately expand the duration of Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation and improve guidelines for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance implementation so that theatre artists and other gig economy workers with mixed W-2 and 1099 income sources receive full, not partial, support. We are also asking Congress to increase the federal unemployment insurance reimbursement for self-funded nonprofits to 100% of costs.