"12 Angry Men" performed by 12 Impassioned Women

By Teresa Eyring posted 03-15-2019 15:59


I was pleased to recently connect with Lauren Class Schneider, the producer of 12,000 Voices. This national initiative, held as part of a National Voter Registration Initiative taking place April 5-8, features readings of "12 Angry Men" presented by 12 Impassioned Women followed by voter registration and outreach involving 1,000 communities nationwide. As noted on their website, 12 Angry Men was written in 1954, 19 years before women were permitted to serve on juries in all 50 states. After the play reading, each local host will give the audience tools to update their own voter registration. Also, cast and audience members will be encouraged to engage in their own community to increase voter registration and turnout.

Here are some links to help you get involved:

  1. To learn more, visit 12000voices.com/faq
  2. To register to present your own reading, visit 12000voices.com/participate
  3. Contribute to GoFundMe.com/12000voices to support communities where cost is a barrier
  4. Find us on social media: Facebook.com/12000voices Instagram.com/12000voices
  5. Find a reading near you: 12000voices.com/readings-near-you