Monthly Survey of the Field: September 2020

By Teresa Eyring posted 10-09-2020 14:33

In this time of crisis and transformation, TCG wanted to provide a more regular pulse check on some of the priority challenges and opportunities our field is facing. In support of that, we asked recipients of my Weekly Briefing--primarily TCG artistic leaders, managing leaders, and board chairs--to take a short, monthly survey. Through this survey, we hope to gain and share insights about our collective journey through the pandemic and its economic impact, through the climate crisis, and through the great work of making our field more just and equitable, led by #WeSeeYouWAT and other BIPOC organizers.

1. If your state and local governments permitted indoor performances either now or within the next 6 months,
how ready would you be to reopen?

1=We're nowhere near ready. 5=We've reopened!

2. If you're responding to demands from BIPOC organizers, such as those from #WeSeeYouWAT, where are you in your process? (Please note this question is intended for predominantly white theatres.)
1=We're not yet begun. 5=We've responded to all relevant demands and are going beyond them.
3. If you're recovering from the impacts of the climate crisis (wildfires, hurricanes, etc), where are you in your recovery process?
1=We have a very long road to recovery. 5=We've fully recovered and are now strengthening our readiness for future crises. 
4. How would you evaluate your own personal wellness and well-being?
1=I'm having a difficult time moving forward. 5=I'm thriving. 

5. How would you evaluate your organization's fiscal health?
1=Our organization may not survive the near future. 5=We're in place of health, growth, and renewal. 

6 How would you evaluate the wellness and well-being of your staff?
1=Our organization may not survive the near future. 5=We're in place of health, growth, and renewal