Happy Pride Month!

By Teresa Eyring posted 06-01-2021 00:00


“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us,” wrote artist Micah Bazant on their poster celebrating the great trans activist, Marsha P Johnson. In that spirit, we’re wishing you a very liberatory Pride, one that remembers the very first Pride was a riot against police brutality. Indeed, Queer resistance has deep roots on these lands, stretching back at least as far as We'wha, the Zuni lhamana leader, and William Dorsey Swann, the formerly enslaved “queen of drag,” both of whom faced fierce state violence. Resistance has continued, from the Cooper Do-nuts and Stonewall riots to ACT UP until today, as we face a brutal wave of transphobic legislation and violence. The joy of Pride renews the well of resistance, and we encourage you to read this post about ways you can celebrate and activate this month and beyond. 

Here are some of the ways that we’ll be holding Pride in our hearts all month--and all year--long:

How are you planning on celebrating Pride? And how are you continuing the joyful work of Queer liberation? 

Teresa & Adrian