Co-Created by Satya Jnani Chavez & Andrew Rosendorf
Transcreation by Marialuisa Burgos
Originally Produced at Curious Theatre Company, Denver, CO
March 5 - April 9, 2022

Stylized artwork of a coyote

The theatrical event of the season, Refuge weaves passionate and driving original music with the charm of artistic puppetry to share a bilingual tale of determination, grit, and hope. Magical realism allows this multi-disciplinary play to tackle the immigration crisis through a beautiful, unique lens. Chronicling the harrowing journey of one young Honduran girl as she crosses the US border into the inhospitable, barren land of Texas, Refuge is an exploration of empathy and of America – who we are and who we say we are.

Artistic Statement: Curious believes that we find ourselves living in unprecedented times, and as artists and producing organizations, it is our duty to be directly responsive to our times; REFUGE offers precisely that kind of opportunity, given the political migrant crisis precipitated at the highest levels of our national leadership. This new work will be used to launch a conversation about one of our most pressing current issues, tackling a highly political issue while making it human and deeply personal. The bilingual nature of this play is essential to connecting different communities, allowing everyone to share the same perspective for a few hours and empathize with one another. - Chip Walton, Producing Artistic Director:

Grant Statement: The Edgerton grant will enable us to have two additional weeks of rehearsal, during which we plan to perfect the balance of Spanish and English in the script, develop the physical language of the play through puppetry and integrate original music into this rich tapestry. - Marike Fitzgerald, Artistic Producer

Commissioned and Developed by Curious Theatre Company