The Garden

The Garden

By Charlayne Woodard
Originally Produced at Baltimore Center Stage, Baltimore, MD
Streaming: June 24 - July 18

The Garden Promotional Image of two women drawn in the art deco style

Written by and starring the Tony Award® nominated artist Charlayne Woodard, this moving world premiere play explores the complex relationship between two “alpha” women: Claire Rose, an elderly Black woman and her middle-aged daughter, Cassandra. After not speaking to each other for the past three years, Cassandra shows up unexpectedly at her mother’s garden gate, attempting to reconcile old wounds. Both women give as good as they get, taking us on a rollercoaster ride unearthing conflicts and secrets of the past, and creating magic in the process.

Artistic and Grant Statement: A story of reconnection, reconciliation, and regrowth, The Garden turned out to be the perfect play for this moment. As we're moving through this incredibly difficult time for our industry and our world, it is so meaningful for us to be able to support these artists as they remind us of our collective capacity to heal and to love. With this grant from The Edgerton Foundation, Baltimore Center Stage is able to provide Charlayne Woodard an additional week of rehearsal that will undoubtedly be a vital opportunity to further explore the text in the room from the unique position as both the playwright and performer. Furthermore, this added time will allow the space for The Garden’s team to seek and engage with audience feedback as we prepare to film the production for streaming – an invaluable piece of the process that has been complicated by the pandemic. - Stephanie Ybarra, Artistic Director

Director: Patricia McGregor