Theatre for Activism: Rest Up

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The deep-rooted connection between theatre and activism has recently intensified both within and beyond the theatre sector. Movements like #MeToo, We See You White American Theater, and No More 10 Out of 12s have reshaped our field; while theatre artists are increasingly on the front lines of labor organizing, racial justice, climate action, and more.

Theatre for Activism (T4A) will build on this momentum through a three-part series of gatherings that will strengthen care, share practices, and forge connections between current theatre activists as well as those just beginning that work.

Building on TCG’s strategic priorities, T4A will work to center BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled theatre people who are so often leading these movements.

Theatre for Activism:
Rest Up
A TCG Virtual Gathering

April 27-28, 2023 / 12pm - 5pm ET

Why are we prioritizing Rest Up as the first part of our Theatre for Activism series?

Simply put, there is no way we can meet the challenges and opportunities of this moment without taking better care of ourselves and each other. Yet rest doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. We’ll especially honor and tend to the care networks of femme, Queer, TGNC, and disabled BIPOC, who, out of necessity, have created powerful practices of care. Through affinity spaces and the sharing of care resources and rest practices, we’ll cultivate ease and abundance together.

When we honor, learn from, and equitably resource the work of these activists, our field can move from a state of perpetual burnout toward health and abundance. In Theatre for Activism: Rest Up, participants will connect with the resources and relationships they need to strengthen their own care practices, for themselves, and for their colleagues and communities. We’ll provide multiple entry points for the many ways people define rest and care.

About TCG's Theatre for Activism Series

Join us on April 27-28 for Rest Up, and then save the dates for the second and third parts of the Theatre for Activism series. In Fall 2023, Charge Up will virtually gather activists, both within and beyond the theatre sector, to share their practices. In June 2024, the Theatre for Activism series will culminate with Rise Up, a hybrid gathering to take action. Building on the foundation of care from Rest Up and with the skills built through Charge Up, participants will connect with and organize activism opportunities, as well as make accountability plans to follow-through. 

Theatre for Activism (T4A) is part of Accountability for Abundance (A4A) a national initiative of theatre activists committed to developing and sharing new practices that prioritize Accountability and Abundance for a more equitable theatre ecology.

Many thanks to all the many activists who have helped inspire this series, including our A4A Advisory Council, which includes: Hope Chávez, associate producer, Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Alex Meda, stage director, culture-producer, disrupter for social justice, digital media creator, and artistic director, Teatro Luna + Teatro Luna West; Meena Malik, arts consultant, facilitator, mediator, and musician; Rad Pereira, performer, educator, social sculptor, community organizer, and director of engagement and impact with New York Stage & Film; and Nijeul X, producer, cultural organizer, and director of communications and strategy, WACO Theater Center.

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