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We invite you to view archival video from the 2020 TCG Fall Forum: A Just and Thriving Theatre Ecology and Summit on Governance below. You may click on the hyperlinked title on the left hand of the screen to read more about the session. 

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Just and Thriving Governance: From the Roots

"We will be able to collectively experience the joy of a just and thriving theatre ecology. But can we do it without embracing, and taking on, and championing, and bucking the assumptions that underpin our very way of thinking?" -Nikkole Salter


"I don't get to decide what the revolution is, I can only do my work. Someone in 100 years will tell me if what we did was historic. Just do the work and don't worry about whether you're changing the world. Change YOUR world." -Lauren Spencer

Centering: COMMUNITY

"As we're talking about community building, I want us to embrace tension, as something not in opposition to love, but something that requires love to work through." - Alexandra Meda

Centering: JOY

"Joy can be a superpower. In leadership, at least for me, feelings matter. Joy matters. Joy can be an instrument to transform our institutions and our communities." - Jacob Padrón

"What are some of the things in your institutions that have shifted and changed [this year] for the better? What are some things that have shifted and changed that you want to keep, that you don't want to let go of?" -Erin Washington

Centering: JUST, or What does a Just and Thriving theatre ecology mean to you?

"[By] removing competition and commercial hierarchy so that we are moving toward an understanding that we benefit from one another's work. Whether its across the field, across the country, no matter the size or scale of the work, there is an ecology to it." -Jennifer Wintzer 
"I think that is a really beautiful and innovative idea and yet isn't that the basis of why we do what we do anyway?" -Rhiana Yazzie

New Playbooks: Leading Anti-Racist Work in Your Boardroom

"I stopped thinking of myself as an institutional leader, and I started thinking of myself as a stakeholder in this community, as we all should."-Mina Morita

Compensation and Investments

"At the end of the day, a budget should be able to tell you what the values are of an organization just as well as a mission or vision statement." -Ronee Penoi

Executive Searches, Hiring, and Board Recruitment

"When we talk about transparency its not necessarily just about processes and procedures. Don't get me wrong, those are very important. But it's also a cultural issue we're trying to undo which has to do with a culture of secrecy and power hoarding. Information is power." -Leandro A. Zaneti

Governance Culture and Policies

“One of the things I’ve done with my own department heads is to say: ‘yes, [the WSYWAT Demands] is a document that is speaking to BIPOC issues, but we should also recognize that if we’re actually able to work through the issues of this document we will have worked through the issues of oppression for our entire field. Because there is intersectionality for all people within this document.” -Hana Sharif