THRIVE! Week Detailed Agenda

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Please note that unless otherwise stated, all spaces are affinity spaces. Please only attend the affinity spaces that you identify with. 

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Affinity Space Session Descriptions 

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Asian Pacific Islander

Speaking Your Artistry

Being AAPI is perhaps one powerful and beautiful part of what makes you you. In a world, where others might assume they know your artistry based on what they might perceive is your identity, speaking about and defining your artistry in your own words is vital and being able to speak about each other’s artistry can open doors. In this session, we’ll spend time in community—as a group and in smaller breakouts—to discuss artistic aesthetic and practices, growth, and how we co-create the future we want to see.

BIPOC Disability Community

Navigating the Trifecta: Finding Strength in Owning Self while Disavowing White Supremacy 

It’s 2021, and we are in year two of a global pandemic. The world is exhausted and ready to get back to “normal.” What does it mean to acknowledge the loss of visibility and access that the pandemic afforded those of us on the margins? How do we navigate these spaces and center ourselves with those who say they have learned, but their actions speak otherwise? How can we, as a community, support each other in these spaces that may try to use our intersectional identities to check another box on their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion rollouts?

Black/African American

From Whence We Came 

In the spirit of Sankofa, this session will focus on the power of drawing on our history and wisdom as Black theatremakers, and combining that with our energy and innovation. Strategy, history, innovation, and fellowship. 


Racial Healing within the Latinx/e Diaspora 

Join a conversation around the conflation of race & ethnicity and how that has led to the invisibilizing of Blackness & Indigeneity within Latine theater. Let’s imagine and exchange ways to build new paradigms together so we can continue to amplify counter narratives and begin the work of healing.

Middle Eastern Northern African

Middle Eastern and North African American (MENA) Theater Makers Affinity Space 

This identity affinity group is an intergenerational gathering of theater makers and administrators working in the U.S. with roots in Southwest Asia, North Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, parts of the Mediterranean, and our diasporic communities. The gathering will include an update from the MENA Theater Makers’ Alliance (MENATMA) Steering Committee, introductions of new MENA-focused companies and leadership transitions, and culminate in a conversation about mentorship needs of MENA theatre makers and new mentorship models, with an eye towards next steps and priorities. 


Renewing and Re-strengthening Native American Theater and Performance

As Summer 2021 arrives, Native American creative artists, especially those of us in the performing arts, are buzzing with excitement, energy, and a new awareness and determination. This affinity space will focus on placing Native American theater and performance firmly in the center of the developing renaissance of Native American identity and cultural, political, and economic sovereignty. Attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas, concepts, and new approaches to utilizing theater as a means of renewing and invigorating tribal identity, placing Native youth and younger generations in the center of this creative effort, and establishing theater and performing arts as a strong central pillar of tribal communities.

Mixed Identity

Creating our own Table: The Mixed/Multi Identity Affinity Space 

This session will give space to anyone who identities as Mixed Race/Identity, Multi-Identity, individuals who are a part of a Multi-Identity Family (ie: Interracial marriage, second generation, etc). Through discussion, the session will explore what Mixed/Multi-Identity means to us and how we can support each other during this time of social distancing and beyond. Here, we will celebrate the uniqueness of ourselves, revel in ambiguity, and share resources that can help educate, heal, and empower individuals.


Dreaming & Scheming: QTPOC Crafting Blueprints for Our Theatre Futures

In this session, LGBTQIA+ people of color from all aspects of theatre are invited to dream and imagine their ideal theatre world and life. Participants will have the opportunity to share their unique paths as theatre artists. Together we will reflect on strategies to transform existing theatre systems and share steps to creating arts spaces that celebrate all of who we are. We will write, network, and listen to music! Join us!