2013 Audience (R)Evolution Philadelphia Convening Videos

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At the 2013 Audience (R)Evolution Convening in Philadelphia, thought-leaders from inside and outside the not-for-profit theatre field gave remarks and led collaborative sessions on audience engagement and community development. 

TCG offered a wide array of speakers with diverse backgrounds through plenary sessions, (R)Ev-ifestos, and model-sharing presentations. Video recordings are below. Please feel free to experience, or re-experience, these exceptional speakers and their thoughts on audience engagement and community development.

Plenary Speakers

"Game Theory & Audience Engagement"
Speaker: Gabe Zichermann, Founder & CEO of Gamification Co. 

"Building a Culture of Hospitality"
Speaker: David Steffen, Client Advisor, Hospitality Quotient

Due to copyrighted material used in David Steffen's presentation, we're unable to share the video of his speech here, but it is available on YouTube here.

AMS Planning & Research Presentation 
Please note: The first few minutes of this session were cut off during the livestream.

"Digital Engagement & Civic Leadership"
Speaker: Rich Mintz, Executive Vice President of Blue State Digital 

"Measuring the Impact of Audience Engagement Strategies"
Speakers: Brad Erickson, Executive Director of Theatre Bay Area and Tom Kaiden, President of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance - 


Michael's (R)Ev-ifesto
Speaker: Michael Rohd, Founding Artistic Director of Sojourn Theatre 

Donna's (R)Ev-ifesto
Speaker: Donna Walker-Kuhne, President of Walker International Communications Group 

Anthem's (R)Ev-ifesto
Speaker: Anthem Salgado, Founder of Art of Hustle

Trish's (R)Ev-ifesto
Speaker: Trish Santini, External Relations Director, Guthrie Theater