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Carmen Morgan delivering the keynote speech at the Intersections Summit, Photo by Sara RisleyAudience (R)Evolution is a multi-year program designed by TCG and funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to study, promote and support successful audience engagement and community development models across the country. The program has traditionally supported four phases of programmatic activities: research and assessment; convenings; grantmaking; and widespread dissemination. Convenings have been a key component to sharing the program's assessment and research, plus offering broader peer learnings and opportunities for an exchange of ideas and lessons learned.

In response to feedback from the theatre field about the desire for smaller and more intimate gatherings structured differently from TCG’s much larger National Conferences, Audience (R)Evolution has offered mid-sized (approximately 200 attendees) convenings as well as smaller, invited "mini" convenings (30-50 practitioners).

David Steffen speaking on 'Creating a Culture of Hospitality' at the 2013 Audience (R)Evolution Convening in PhiladelphiaIn 2013 and 2015, Audience (R)Evolution convened theatre practitioners and cultural workers in Philadelphia and Kansas City respectively. These convenings were TCG's first steps in truly defining the full spectrum of audience engagement and community development, sharing working models from our field and beyond, and providing broad peer learnings and opportunities for exchange of ideas and lessons learned. The events even served as a vehicle for theatre-makers to identify and connect with partners at other organizations with whom they might develop new strategies and models for audience engagement . The work done at these convenings informed programming at TCG's larger National Conferences. 

In 2017 and 2018, Audience (R)Evolution gathered more intimate groups of practitioners and cultural workers for pre- and post-conference meetings adjacent to convenings sponsored by Ten Thousand Things and Milwaukee Repertory Theater. These focus groups examined audience engagement and community development across cultures, business sectors, and artistic disciplines. Participants also examined case studies of how particular theatres are measuring impact.

The latest round of Audience (R)Evolution continued to offer opportunities for theater and arts professionals to gather and take part in dialogue related to audience engagement and community development by sponsoring select plenary sessions, breakout and skills-building sessions, and field trips at the 2019 TCG National Conference in Miami, FL and the first-ever virtual TCG National Conference in 2020.

Audience (R)Evolution Convening Video Archive

Please click below to view video archives of Audience (R)Evolution-associated events throughout the tenure of the program.