Disaster Management

Disaster Management


Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes—what should your theatre do when disaster strikes? How do you manage the initial crisis? How do you balance your theatre’s recovery with the wider needs of your community? How can you mitigate damage before the unthinkable happens?
TCG wants to be a part of this larger conversation.

Disaster Management Resource Page

TCG is committed to providing the most up-to-date disaster management resources and research for the field. To check out this new initiative click here.

Disaster/Crisis Management TCG Circle Group

Disasters and Crises come in all shapes and sizes—everything from a hurricane to a company-wide computer crash to an executive leader’s sudden departure.

This group will serve as a space to learn more about being ready for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. This online community will give participants a forum to solicit advice, support, and best practices in regards to disaster/crisis management as well as a place to share resources.

If you are TCG Member Theatre Staff you are welcome to join this online group. Please email Corinna Schulenburg, director of communications, for more information.