Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Why EDI?

TCG is committed to supporting the plurality of aesthetic, perspective, race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, mission, as well as organizational size and structure. We’re working to transform the national theatre field into a more equitable, inclusive and diverse community.

What We Do

TCG's strategic plan includes a multi-year Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (EDII) to transform the national theatre field into a more equitable, inclusive and diverse community. Current external programs include the EDI Institute, Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project, and support for Coalition Building. TCG Staff and Board members also engage in internal EDI work.

TCG’s Department of EDI Initiatives supports TCG’s internal efforts towards TCG’s core values around equity, diversity & inclusion through collaborative work with TCG’s Executive Office on TCG policies, affinity groups, workgroup, staff trainings and onboarding, and externally through programs such as the EDI Institute, the Legacy Leaders of Color Video Project, and Coalition Building through initiatives such as Beyond Orientalism, EDI-focused sessions during the Fall Forum & National Conference, and engagement with Theatres of Color and Rising Leaders of Color.

Vendor Diversity

Vendor Diversity is TCG’s commitment to providing business opportunities to enterprises of communities who have been socially and economically underrepresented – including but not limited to people of color, women, LGBTIQ+, immigrants, and people with disabilities. TCG will make every effort to identify vendors of underrepresented communities.

TCG contracts with different types of vendors for goods and services. At this time, we welcome proposals from vendors in the following areas:

  • Catering services                  •  Office supplies
  • Cleaning services                 •   Pest control
  • Courier services                   •   Phone and internet services
  • Document management       •   Printing equipment
  • HVAC maintenance              •    Printing services
  • Mailing equipment                •    Safety supplies
  •  Office equipment             

If your business self-identifies as an enterprise of underrepresented communities and would like to submit a proposal to TCG, please contact Raksak Kongseng (She/They) at rkongseng@tcg.org.