THRIVE! Uplifting Theatres of Color - REBUILD

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What is REBUILD?

RECOGNIZE grantees will also receive more specific information about REBUILD: A Learning Cohort activities, which begins with an Orientation. Grantees will identify and determine workshop topics to strengthen their effectiveness in specific areas and topics may include financial planning; crisis management and scenario planning; media; and program evaluation. Additional opportunities will include awareness building topics and intersectional programming. Other activities will include meetings with the THRIVE! Advisory Circle and leaders in the grantmaking sector.

Working with the Advisory Circle, dIrect dialogues with grantmakers are a core component of REBUILD activities, with the intention that BITOC have opportunities to build their own relationships with grantmakers.

To extend learnings and information sharing beyond the RECOGNIZE grantees, BIPOC journalists will be assigned to follow the work of THRIVE! grantees, bringing national visibility to their effective approaches to deepening relationships with their chosen communities, as well as their artistic work and any emerging trends. Journalists will also track REBUILD activities and learnings. The articles will be published in American Theatre magazine and widely disseminated throughout the arts field, BIPOC media and platforms, and other related sectors.

For RECOGNIZE grantees, TCG program staff will be present during the REBUILD sessions and hold a limited number of meetings with grantees as a cohort and individually. Combined with the journalists assigned to grantees, TCG program staff will have opportunities to assess the program’s impact. Grantees will be encouraged to request staff assistance at any point. Traditionally, TCG program staff are less concerned with binary definitions of success/failure and instead center reflection and self-evaluation. 

One of the desired outcomes of the THRIVE! Program is to both deepen long established relationships with BITOC and to invite BITOC who are less familiar with TCG to benefit from the mentoring, networking and other programming that TCG offers.