Theatre Profiles

Theatre Profiles


Theatre Profiles is an online compendium of information about TCG Member Theatres and their productions, dating back to 1995. The Theatre Profiles database includes information about theatre companies, productions, playwrights, and more. The advanced search function can help you find what shows are happening when and where, look up a theatre’s season history, and even compile a list of a playwright’s productions over the past two decades at TCG Member Theatres!

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American Theatre's OnStage

American Theatre magazine draws on the Theatre Profiles database to generate its production listings found in the back of every issue and online each month.

If you have production photos that you would like to send for consideration for the Onstage section, please send it to Refer to the deadlines on the right for each issue.

This Month OnStage

Search TCG Member Theatre schedules for current and upcoming performances.

Upcoming Deadlines

In order for all show updates and new information to show up in the latest issue of American Theatre, TCG Member Theatres must update their Theatre Profile by the following deadlines.

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