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TCG is a founding member of the Performing Arts Alliance and has been the leading advocate for theatre for over forty years. By advancing the value of theatres in communities  across this country, TCG ensures the vitality of the nonprofit American theatre. 
TCG’s activism is exhibited, in part, through our focus on issues such as funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), favorable tax treatment of nonprofit arts organizations and encouraging charitable giving. TCG represents the theatre field both in Washington, DC and nationally in conversations around important federal legislation.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, TCG advocated for federal relief packages ensuring the eligibility of nonprofit arts organizations. TCG disseminated Action Alerts urging theatres and theatre artists to contact their elected officials to support federal relief legislation. Thousands of messages reached Capitol Hill. TCG also contacted theatre leaders and trustees with personal connections to elected officials to help make the case. The advocacy paid off and theatres were able to find relief funding through the Shuttered Venue Operating Grants, Paycheck Protection Program, Employee Retention Tax Credits and other federal programs. It was the largest infusion of federal funding to the arts since the 1930s.
More recently, TCG’s advocacy, alongside that of other national arts service organizations, resulted in the largest single-year increase in funding to the NEA this year. The agency’s FY23 funding is $207 million, and work is already underway to advocate for increased FY24 funding.
Much like advocacy, TCG depends on your support to continue this work. Will you support the next 40 years of federal level arts advocacy with a gift today? Your tax-deductible contribution will help TCG continue to advocate on behalf of the professional non-profit theatre and theatre artists in the U.S. Please consider making a generous donation! Thank you for your support.

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Harold Steward
Board of Directors, TCG / Executive Director & Cultural Strategist, The Theater Offensive