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Dear colleague,

Today, we ask for your continued support of American Theatre magazine. For decades, American Theatre has responded to the changes impacting our theatre ecology, and the past eighteen months are no different. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to generational shifts in leadership, to growing movements for justice in our field and beyond, American Theatre has covered it. As we’ve grown the scope and depth of our coverage, we’ve continued to write about the exits, entrances, awards, memorials, and season announcements that theatres and theatre-makers rely on.

We’ve done all this with a diminished staff of only two full-time editors, Rob Weinert-Kendt and J.R. Pierce, supported by a growing cadre of regular contributors. We’re writing today to thank this team for their extraordinary work, and to share an impassioned message and request from our editor-in-chief:

“Whatever theatre folks are doing or talking about, you can rest assured you’ll see that work and that dialogue reflected in the pages of American Theatre. Like theatre, journalism is labor-intensive and requires support beyond the revenue it can raise from tickets or subscribers. The economics of online journalism, let alone print journalism, have become increasingly tricky; if American Theatre were a strictly for-profit magazine, it would have folded many years ago. That’s where the support of our publisher Theatre Communications Group, and donors like you, can make all the difference:

Your support will allow us to: hire more, and more diverse, reporters and editors; to commission freelance work from an expansive and far-flung pool of correspondents, critics, and thinkers; and make American Theatre, both in its online and (we hope one day again soon) its print manifestations, a beautiful, accessible, and responsive publication for a field that deserves the best magazine we can be.

– Rob Weinert-Kendt (he/him), Editor-in-Chief

American Theatre has a unique and essential role in our theatre ecology. As the amount of professional arts journalism has diminished, that role has become even more important. We know that theatres and theatre artists count on American Theatre’s coverage to advance their work and careers. When acts of harm occur in our field, our reporting can provide critical context and accountability. We’re grateful for the trust placed in American Theatre, and appreciate your continued partnership in supporting the editors and journalists who make it possible.

Please donate to TCG today to help American Theatre, and the field we cover, continue to thrive and grow.

Thank you,
Teresa and Adrian

Teresa Eyring (she/her), Executive Director/CEO
Adrian Budhu (he/him), Deputy Director/COO


While you’re at it…

We are so grateful for your support of TCG and its programs, including American Theatre magazine. While you’re at it, here are two ways to continue your support of the theatre ecology:

Support Theatres, Locally and Beyond
Resident theatres, especially Theatres of Color, deserve your support this Giving Tuesday. If you need a place to start, view TCG’s current Member Theatre listing here.

Support BIPOC-Led Movements for Justice
Visit the Action section on for resources on supporting Black Lives Matter, Native-Led Movements for Justice, Stop Asian Hate and other urgent movements impacting our field and our lives.

However you support the theatre ecology – thank you.

Video description: TCG Chair Nikkole Salter's message to the field from December 2020.