ARTSEARCH: Free and Equitable For All

By Adrian Budhu posted 10-19-2020 15:27


ARTSEARCH: Free and Equitable For All

On September 18, 2020, TCG received a message from a group of production managers that organized around two requests: make ARTSEARCH free for all jobseekers and require job-posters to include salary ranges. We thanked the organizers for their labor and committed to making the changes.

As of today, October 19, ARTSEARCH is now free for all jobseekers. Even before the pandemic, many theatre-workers faced constant economic uncertainty and precarity. Now with the devastating economic impact of COVID-19, the case for making ARTSEARCH freely accessible is even more urgent. We know the pandemic’s impact has fallen especially hard on BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) theatre-workers, and so making ARTSEARCH freely accessible also aligns with TCG’s strategic commitment to center BIPOC in our programs and services. This action also strengthens its reach and usefulness for job-posters. Now, when you list your position in ARTSEARCH, you will be connecting to a wider and more inclusive pool of job applicants.

For our Individual Members, we know that ARTSEARCH may have been a key factor in your decision to join TCG. We hope this move toward greater accessibility only deepens your commitment to investing in TCG. Your investment is critical in sustaining ARTSEARCH for all, and for supporting TCG’s renewed mission to lead for a just and thriving theatre ecology. We hope to work with you to envision new ways to strengthen the benefits of your membership.

As of October 19, 2020, ARTSEARCH will require all job-posters to include salary ranges. Because of our commitment to a just and thriving theatre ecology, TCG can no longer support recruitment and hiring processes that exploit theatre-workers, especially BIPOC theatre-workers. As explained in Vu Le’s essential writing in Nonprofit AF, when organizations aren’t transparent about salary ranges, it perpetuates the gender wage-gap; discriminates against BIPOC theatre-makers, and drives away potential candidates. We extend our gratitude to all of our job-posters for joining us in ending this harmful practice.

We close by thanking the production managers for their requests, and for all jobseekers and job-posters who continue to turn to ARTSEARCH as a trusted source for a career in the arts. Together, we will continue to strengthen ARTSEARCH as we work toward a more just and thriving theatre ecology.

Teresa Eyring and Adrian Budhu

Teresa Eyring
Executive Director/CEO

Adrian Budhu (he/him/his)
Deputy Director/COO