2020 Fall Forum Summit on Governance | Closing Session Archive

By Anne Ciarlone posted 01-04-2021 14:15


From the 2020 Fall Forum archives…
New Playbooks: Leading Anti-Racist Work in Your Boardroom

"I stopped thinking of myself as an institutional leader, and I started thinking of myself as a stakeholder in this community, as we all should." - Mina Morita

"The [WSYWAT] demands are very short. They're short-term. They're 'right now, fix these things right now'. They are progressive, there are things you can fix over time. But the [WSYWAT Demands] as a guideline, if you were to follow it linearly, if you follow from the first demand to the last you actually can see how you if you fix the first thing, and then the last thing is actually possible. And that's something that has come out of the work that a couple of my teams are engaged in at OSF in trying to implement this into basic operations, into production operations, into artistic operations." - Nataki Garrett

Moderated by Stephanie Ybarra, with Nataki Garrett, Maria Manuela Goyanes, Linette S. Hwu, Mina Morita, Emily Rosenthal, and Diane C. Yu
Plus TCG’s Adrian Budhu & Teresa Eyring

The 2020 Fall Forum Summit on Governance closed by hearing from theatres who are in the process of responding to the #WeSeeYouWAT demands as part of their anti-racist work. This conversation features trustees and executive/artistic leaders talking about where they are in that process, with a focus on how they’ve catalyzed and organized their staff and boards in the work. Through this conversation, participants will hear first-hand accounts of the challenges of doing this work rigorously at the board level, and how building a truly anti-racist approach to governance can begin to happen.

Watch the full video here or at the embedded video below.