2020 Fall Forum Summit on Governance | Executive Searches, Hiring, and Board Recruitment

By Anne Ciarlone posted 01-06-2021 12:09


From the 2020 Fall Forum Archives…

Executive Searches, Hiring, and Board Recruitment 

"When we talk about transparency its not necessarily just about processes and procedures. Don't get me wrong, I think those are very important. But it's also a cultural issue we're trying to undo which has to do with a culture of secrecy and power hoarding. Information is power." -Leandro A. Zaneti

Led by Teresa Eyring, Al Heartley, and Leandro A. Zaneti

In this session, participants heard from peers leading anti-racist search, hiring, and recruitment processes. Together, we began to address the #WeSeeYouWAT demands focused on transparent hiring practices, salary equity and transparency and the systemic status quo of leadership transitions. 

Watch the full video here or at the embedded video below.

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