TCG Virtual Conference will pass the mic to young people on May 14th

By Anne Ciarlone posted 16 days ago


2021 Virtual Conference Programming Preview

As our field considers the health and future of our theatre ecology, it is young people who will be most affected by the decisions we make today.

On the afternoon of Friday, May 14th, we are passing the mic. Led by younger Millennial and Gen Z staff, this curated block of programming seeks to uplift and center the young people who are a vital part of Our Theatre Ecology.

A moving image of a old man dressed as a young person saying "How do you do, fellow kids?"

Centering those that are destined to inherit the leadership of our theatres and planet, this programming should interest you if:

• You are a young professional (30 and under) ready to help dream of the industry you want, showcase the ways you are already practicing leadership, and build a coalition with other emerging professionals.

• You are an established or legacy theatre professional ready to hear the direct needs, visions, and expectations of your successors.

Help us spread the word!
We encourage you to invite the young people in your networks to join us at the 2021 TCG Virtual Conference for this exciting batch of programming.

For access to a $25 discounted rate and complimentary TCG individual membership, young people (30 and under) may use the coupon code CONF21INHERIT at checkout*.

Join us in our efforts to ensure a future for those who come after us, and an industry that works to dismantle the inequities halting us from thriving now.

*If this a registration fee will prevent you from participating, or if you are having difficulty with the code, please reach out to