Become a Civic Saturday Fellow with Citizen University

By Devon Berkshire posted 07-08-2021 14:28


For anyone who witnessed Eric Liu speak passionately about the importance of civic engagement as the opening keynote at our May 2021 Virtual Conference (our highest rated of any opening keynote), you probably noted his mention of the fellowship opportunity at his organization, Citizen University. (If you didn't, please feel free to check out the opening virtual plenary here on HowlRound, and the growing list of archived session videos here on the TCG Circle. ) Eric and his team are eager to get the theatre community more involved in their work, since as culture-shapers our leadership in our communities is essential!

Our friends at Citizen University bring together civic catalysts from across the country to explore the practices of civic culture-building. They equip everyday Americans with new ways of gathering, spirited civic rituals, and ideas to inspire active citizenship. 

If you’re looking for a way to rekindle faith in one another—and in our democracy—take a look at their Civic Saturday Fellowship. In small cohorts, you’ll learn how to lead Civic Saturday gatherings to bring friends and strangers together and nurture a spirit of shared purpose and deepen civic faith. 

Applications are open through July 18—learn more and get started on your application today!