(Re)Filling Our Houses: A TCG Virtual LAB on Bringing Audiences Back

By Devon Berkshire posted 11-28-2022 12:26


We are excited to share our upcoming December virtual program, (Re)Filling Our Houses: A TCG Virtual LAB on Bringing Audiences Back. This virtual lab will take place on December 8 at 3pm ET, virtually on Zoom. TCG periodically hosts LAB spaces, or collaborative spaces, rooted in collective action around a pervasive fieldwide challenge. A recent example was the LAB at TCG’s 2022 Conference in Pittsburgh where we were led in exciting, emergent conversations of labor justice and workforce challenges.

In recent polls of theatre leaders and artists, one pressing challenge is the slow and inconsistent return of audiences to traditional theatre spaces and performances. Theatres are not alone. This problem is also plaguing other disciplines and fields, from neighborhood restaurants to spaces of worship to Netflix.

So, what do we do? What engagement opportunities are these challenges presenting that we might not have considered before this global health crisis? How can we embrace new technologies including AR, VR, Blockchain, and AI? How do we interact with our communities differently, seeing the role of art in advancing health and wellness? And what does the future hold for our art form as we strive to understand and reimagine a range of new relationships with our communities? TCG is ready to tackle these questions with you, beginning with this Virtual LAB. We’ll present analysis on a range of audience-based case studies and research, hear stories from those thinking outside the (black)box, and hone in on areas where we need to dig deeper together. Presenters will include theatre leaders as well as research professionals, to be announced in the coming days. 

This LAB will seed topics and shape the formation of virtual working groups across the field that TCG will then launch in 2023. Register now for the virtual lab.