WEBINAR From Taste to Appetite: Audience-Building Strategies from Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

By Corinna Schulenburg posted 02-17-2019 18:50

Photo: Eric Woolsey.

I remember the first time I ever tasted coffee. I was ten years old, maybe eleven, and my mother and I were travelling as part of an Odyssey of the Mind competition. We were in a hotel--or maybe at one of the Denny's that always seemed nearby--and I asked if I could try her coffee. She told me it was bitter and I might not like the taste. But from the moment I took my first sip, I was hooked: not (just) on the caffeine, but the warmth of it, the adult-ness of it, and yes, that beautiful bitterness. As I write this now, thirty-something years later, I'm enjoying my third black cup of the day.So, I know very well how even a small taste of something wonderful can turn into a lifelong appetite. 

For this and other reasons, I'm excited to announce our latest webinar, From Taste to Appetite: Audience-Building Strategies from Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. Here's all the info:

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis’ (OTSL) newer audiences weren’t spending enough on tickets to replace the losses of those departing. OTSL used market research and analysis to test the impact of innovative new programs like Opera Tastings in order to develop a new audience with an appetite for opera. The results? More than three-quarters of the Tastings attendees were new, with an average of 42 percent later buying tickets to their mainstage productions. The question they now face: how to not only maintain, but financially sustain, this audience growth?

What did they do and how might their experience inform your theatre's audience-building efforts? What other questions is OTSL asking itself now? On this webinar, participants will engage with OTSL staff on these questions and more. Participants will then be invited to the TCG Circle, an online listserv and knowledge-sharing community to continue the discussions and support the integration of the learnings.

So join us on March 5, from 2-3pm ET for From Taste to Appetite: Audience-Building Strategies from Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. This webinar is made possible with support from the Wallace Foundation.


This is the second webinar I've supported as part of TCG's communications partnership with Wallace Foundation (learn more about the first here). To get a sense of why we're excited that OTSL will join us for webinar #2, please check out Wallace Foundation's excellent article on OTSL's work. and watch the video here:

I have no doubt their audience-building insights will help us turn that first taste into a lifelong hunger for theatre!