Advocacy Update: SVOG Resources

By Laurie Baskin posted 08-05-2022 14:25


SVOG Report

A total of $14.57 billion in COVID-19 economic relief has been awarded to 13,011 performing arts venues and organizations, movie theaters, talent representatives, producers, and museums. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that it has officially completed grant decisions on all outstanding appeals and reconsiderations. To see the full list of 13,011 grantees and their award amount, please download the Excel data document from the SBA’s site.

SBA has officially concluded its SVOG Audit Webinar series with the most recent webinar Audit Requirements for For-Profit Entities. Please see new resources included under the Audit requirements section of the SVOG webpage – see updates below.

SVOG Audit Webinar Series

Helpful Audit-related Resources


SBA offered another technical assistance webinar this week diving into What to expect during the Monitoring Phase.

 A link to the recording will be posted to the Monitoring Phase Overview section of the Manage your SVOG grant ( page, along with other great resources related to the Monitoring.

 While every SVOG grantee should be prepared for the Monitoring Phase of the SVOG program, fewer than 4% of all SVOG grantees are anticipated to be randomly selected for Monitoring. Monitoring means sharing your actual receipts of expenditures paid using federal SVOG funds.

 Additional SVOG information and instructions are at For additional assistance, email your Grant Management Specialist. If you have not yet been in touch with your Grant Management Specialist and need support, please contact or contact the customer service center at 800-659-2955.


SBA Released Three Updated SVOG Compliance Guidelines and FAQs

Post Award FAQs (as of 7/25/22)
Post-application guidance (as of 7/22/22)
Audit attestation requirements for for-profit SVOG recipients (as of 7/22/22)


SVOG Webinars Presented by the Small Business Administration

As noted above, the SBA released updated SVOG Guidelines and FAQs in late July, which make certain parts of the content in older webinars no longer correct. The most recent July 2022 webinar reflects the SBA’s updated guidelines. All SVOG grantees are encouraged to watch the “July 2022 SBA Audit Requirements for For-Profit Entities,” even if your grant is not subject to a 3rd party audit, because it provides good guidelines on properly spending your SVOG grant funds. 

July 2022 SBA Audit Requirements for For-Profit Entities 
June 2022 SBA Auditing and Compliance Supplement Webinar
June 2022 Intro to SVOG Audit Requirements and the Single Audit
April 2022 SBA Office Hours Expense Report Webinar
December 2021 SBA Office Hours Webinar