Webinar Opportunities and Resources Available from Event Safety Alliance

By Laurie Baskin posted 11-03-2022 13:38

The following opportunities and resources are available from Event Safety Alliance.

ON SALE NOW: Weather Planning for Mass Gatherings Workshop

From Woodstock to Indiana, from wind to lightning to extreme heat, severe weather is one of the most common and potentially dangerous hazards affecting outdoor events. Conscientious event professionals are expected to include comprehensive weather planning as part of their overall event management plan. 

ESA’s Weather Planning for Mass Gatherings Workshop (formerly the “Severe Weather Summit”) is a practical workshop that joins meteorological science and event operations to help event and venue professionals address increasingly volatile weather conditions. This year’s program is delivered in partnership with DTN and the University of Texas at Austin on January 4-5, 2023. 

Subject matter experts in the fields of meteorology, engineering, event production, crowd management, and risk management will guide participants through topics including:

·     Weather phenomena that can threaten events, temporary structures, and production elements;

·     The science of forecasting and the perils of playing meteorologist with your crowd and workers;

·     Public and private resources that can help with weather preparedness;

·     Technologies that can give you more timely notice of threatening weather;

·     Impacts of weather on event infrastructure; 

·     The importance of communication plans to notify and activate your crowd before a weather emergency; 

·     Coordination with public safety officials;

·     The elements of an actionable severe weather plan;

·     “Action the plan” Final learning assessment

In-person and online attendance options are available. Check out the link below for full details and registration information.


PARTNER WEBINAR: Production Safety for Venues
November 3, 2022 3:30 ET

Are you a NIVA member? If so, join us TODAY (November 3) at 3:30 Eastern for Beyond the Headlines: Production Safety for Venues, featuring ESA Board Members Steve Adelman (Adelman Law Group) and Tami Richter (SXSW). We’ll explore the core principles of event safety, workers’ & operators' legal duty of care, useful planning & training resources, and the greatest safety risks facing live productions and how to control them (hint: they’re mostly not what you see in the news headlines). 


What is crowd science, and how can its study help create safer events? In this episode of The Event Safety Podcast we dive back into the topic of crowds with Emma Parkinson, Course Director Postgraduate Programs in Crowded Places at Coventry University (Whew!). We discuss the foundations of crowd science, intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can influence crowd movement, how COVID, smartphones, and social media have impacted crowd behavior and loads more.