Training Opportunity: de latinidad: Racism, Colorism & Internalized Oppression in U.S. Latinx & Artistic Communities

By Teresa Eyring posted 09-23-2021 13:22


de latinidad: A Training and Movement Space on Addressing Racism, Colorism, & Internalized Oppression in US Chicanx, Hispanic & Latinx Communities & Artistic Communuities

de latinidad:

A Training & Movement Space on Addressing Racism, Colorism, & Internalized Oppression in U.S. Chicanx, Hispanic & Latinx Communities & Artistic Communities

Tuesday, September 28th

5-8pm Pacific / 8-11pm Eastern

This training content is created by Merrique Jenson of SocialScope Productions* and hosted by Con Leche**

This three-hour online training and movement space will provide an overview, help participants form their own racial analysis, and support a “real talk” conversational approach into the state of our Latinx communities and larger artistic community spaces on racial identity, the performance of "Latinx" identity, our collective investment into addressing racial equity in our personal lives and artistic practices.

This training will touch on the following content areas including:

  • What Shapes Us: Introductions, Overview of Terms, Understanding Individual, Institutional & Systemic Privilege & Oppression, Matrix of Power, Conversation on Where Latinx Communities
  • The Cycle of Socialization: Latinx Identities, Assimilation, Binary Racial Classifications, anti-Indigenous sentiments, and anti-Blackness
  • Application & Analysis: Deep Dive into Artistic & Latinx Communities, Power Mapping Leaders & Gatekeepers to Resources, Intro to Accountability Circles

This training is provided to set up a shared framework on oppression and identity for our collective artistic working group of light-skinned and white-passing Latinx leaders. Participants will process in large and small groups, engage in learning activities, and learn from applicable video clips, anti-oppression facilitation, and media toolkits. By the end of the training, participants will have a lens on how to name and discuss their own identities better, as well as discuss how to shift power and create a more equitable movement strategy within our communities. This training may also provide specific challenges and opportunities for growth to the individual artists and participants who attend.

This training is led by nationally recognized artist, trans justice & racial equity trainer, Merrique Jenson of SocialScope Productions. Learn more about her below.

This training is being offered on a sliding scale fee to our collective working group and is open to other Latinx folks to attend. A certificate of participation will be sent for professional development credits.

$25 (GENERAL REGISTRATION) is encouraged at the regular rate if you are able to pay the full rate.

$10 (REDUCED REGISTRATION) is available as a reduced-cost registration for those who are dealing with financial hardship.


Please email if you would like to learn more about this training or request one for your community.


About Your Trainer:

MERRIQUE JENSON is a transgender, queer, second-generation multiracial woman of color who is of White and Mexican heritage. She currently serves as the Program Director for Transformations, a trans and gender-expansive youth organization based in Kansas City. Merrique has been working in the fields of harm reduction and anti-violence advocacy for over 20 years and helped create multiple, startup LGBTQ programs in the Midwest for young people and trans people of color experiencing trauma, houselessness and living on the streets. She is the Owner/Principal of her own company, SocialScope Productions, focused on multimedia artistic programs, equity development, and intersectional professional development coaching. Her multimedia projects have been nationally recognized, including the popular #GetWoke artistic event series. Merrique has performed as a DJ, is a published author, and contributing blogger for The Advocate, Out Magazine & HuffPost, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. She is a respected community advisor and racial equity consultant, and some of her clients include About Face Youth Theatre, Bumble, The Coterie Theatre, Grindr, KU Medical Center, Mid-America Arts Alliance, and Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. She is currently serving a two-year term as a board member for Theatre Communications Group. She recently was awarded an LGBTQ Commission Special Action Recognition by Kansas City and Mayor Quinton Lucas for June 2021 Pride Month. Merrique’s artistic work has been recognized by the Association for Queer Anthropology, she is a Kansas City two-time Rocket Grants full-project award winner, has delivered keynotes for Yale University, Southern Oregon University, Northwestern University, headlined Seattle Pride and Houston Pride, and has been featured as a guest on The Oprah Show. She currently spends her time living and traveling in both Seattle and Kansas City, MO.


About Your Organizers:

*SocialScope Productions, a multidisciplinary consulting and coaching agency specializing in equity and innovative educational program design models through professional development, media & documentary projects, community storytelling, and event production. We build unique share-worthy experiences focused on LGBTQ people, people of color, youth and transgender and gender non-conforming communities, including the popular #GetWoke: queer & trans people of color event series.

**Con Leche is a live, virtual support space created by and for those who identify as Latine/Latina/Latino/Latinx and/or Hispanic with proximity to cultural Whiteness or White identity. We intentionally and deeply grapple with our racial identity in order to better thoroughly invest in anti-racism work, and engage as allies to/within the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities.