TCG Announces New Governing Ecology

By Teresa Eyring posted 11-24-2021 10:10


Dear Colleague,

I am thrilled to publicly share
the Executive Summary of TCG’s new Strategic Plan, which the Board approved in March 2021. This plan is a living document, and just as its creation was shaped by many voices, we hope it will be further shaped and carried forward by many hands—including your own. We offer our thanks to all our board and staff contributors, and most especially our amazing guides and goads, Lisa Yancey and Jolita Crosland of Yancey Consulting. 

This year, TCG is celebrating  its 60th anniversary. As this plan was forged in the fires of a global pandemic and an uprising against White supremacy, it has felt as if TCG is being refounded; not only by our staff and board, but collectively by a field that cannot and will not go back to the way things were. As we interrogated what our vision of “a better world for theatre and a better world because of theatre” means now, we fortified and clarified TCG’s mission: to lead for a just and thriving theatre ecology

By lead for, we mean communal leadership that models listening, accountability, and action. By just and thriving, we envision a movement that has the investments, commitments, and participants it needs to abundantly serve multifaceted communities and advance equity and justice.

And by theatre ecology, we mean YOU, whether you are a student, an educator, an artist, an administrator, a technician, a trustee, or all of the above. As those working for climate justice have noted, “to change everything, we need everyone.”

This announcement supports an upcoming call to the field for nominations for  3 new Board  Taskforces: Breaking Barriers, Next Generation, and Global Connectivity.  In coming months, we will open nominations for additional opportunities to participate in TCG’s governance structure. You can learn more in our Executive Summary linked here.

This is an incredibly exciting time for TCG, and we hope you will join us on this journey.

More information will be made available about the Taskforce nomination process in the coming weeks. Applications will launch on TCG’s website on Friday, December 3rd. If you have any questions about the Taskforces and/or the nomination process, please feel free to reach out to our Board Liaison Shawna James at,

Thank you!

Teresa Eyring, Executive Director and CEO, TCG