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  • 1.  Culture & Community in the Time of Covid

    Posted 04-17-2020 12:38

    Greetings TCG friends & colleagues,

    Like others in the arts & culture sector, we at Slover Linett Audience Research have been asking ourselves how we can help the field during this time. We believe that a shared, empirical picture of arts audiences and the wider American community will help ground and guide a collective response to the crisis. 

    We've proposed and have received foundation funding to do a national survey of arts & culture audiences of all kinds to help organizations learn from and better serve their communities during the COVID crisis (and after!). Over a hundred organizations – theaters, orchestras, art museums, science museums, history museums, zoos & aquariums, parks, and gardens – have signed up since we publicly announced the survey yesterday. I strongly believe theaters should be a significant part of this national picture.

    As you may know, there have already been a number of rapid surveys and online dialogues to identify the needs of artists, museum professionals, arts managers, and other providers of culture, but no substantive national research yet among the public - cultural attenders and other citizens across the U.S. - about their situations, needs, and values with respect to the arts and culture in a time of COVID. It's a gap we plan to fill, very quickly, and we're very pleased to share that the Wallace Foundation will be the lead funder, and we're also hearing interest from other major foundations. We're also very happy to be collaborating on this with our friends at LaPlaca Cohen, to integrate this rapid-response study into their Culture Track platform and ensure the research is deeply tied to strategy and dialogue around the field.

    We'll be using a national panel to understand the general public, we're also eager to bring in the voices of arts & culture visitors/attenders, members/subscribers, etc. So we're planning to send the survey to the lists of a broad range of arts and cultural organizations around the country. Participation in the study would involve sending a unique survey link out to a portion of your lists for this COVID-specific research. Obviously, you'd be contributing to the national picture for the field, and you'd also be able to view the data for your respondents, specifically with password protection, through a reporting tool.

    Here are a few links with more information about the study – here's a description of the work on the Center for the Future of Museums page (with a museum tilt) and here's a set of FAQs for organizations considering participation.

    If you're interested in participating or have questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

    Until then, please be safe and well. I look forward to again collaborating with y'all.


    Ashley Ann Wolfe
    Senior Communications & Operations Manager
    Slover Linett Audience Research
    Chicago IL

  • 2.  RE: Culture & Community in the Time of Covid

    Posted 04-19-2020 07:39
    Thester Wit is happy to participate with the audience survey portion Or pretty much whatever :)

    Jeremy Wechsler
    Artistic Director, Theater Wit
       773-857-0083 direct