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  • 1.  Further Updates on Employee Retention Grants

    Posted 03-19-2020 08:09
    Team Resilience, 

    We've been focusing our energies these past few days on identifying resources that provide immediate relief to organizations in order to retain employees and maintain operational integrity. You can read yesterday's thread here, and I wanted to share an important update that Cynthia at Soho Rep shared with me directly about the NYC SBS resource. If you click through to the SBS site, you;ll see that only small businesses with fewer than 5 employees are eligible for a grant to cover 40% of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees. We'll continue to explore the options for larger NYC-based not-for-profits, and encourage you to share what you know with the full community by responding to this message.

    For those who are NOT in NYC, we've identified organizational relief efforts in the following areas: Arrowhead counties, MO; Southern Arizona; Fargo, ND; and Massachusetts. If that's you, you can find those resources in our Relief and Recovery library here

    If you know of other state and municipal sources or relief and recovery funds, please share them here. Yesterday, the NEA released a statement that included information on Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources, and we're taking a deep dive into that to find what's useful for you. We're also working on what role the foundation community can play beyond what many are already doing.

    A reminder: if you have any questions you want to ask your peers--from communications strategies to virtual offices--you can do so my using the Discussions in the community, or simply by sending an email to the listserv

    Let us know what you need, and how we can support your health--not just organizational, but physical, emotional, communal. Let's take care of each other.

    Love in this time of transition,
    Corinna & Laurie

    Corinna Schulenburg
    Director of Communications

  • 2.  RE: Further Updates on Employee Retention Grants

    Posted 03-20-2020 08:32

    Our local Convention & Visitors Bureau is circulating a letter from the U.S. Travel Association to sign on for Congressional measures to support travel-related employees.  Is this something TCG is doing or is there another entity doing such?  We're making phone calls to donors; one suggested that this be the key thing we do-send phone numbers of U.S. Representative and Senator to all on our listserv.  Please advise of any actions like this that you know of for performing arts community.  Thank you!​

    Mary Beth Bunge
    Managing Director
    Hangar Theatre
    Ithaca NY