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  • 1.  SVOG?

    Posted 02-04-2022 13:24
    Hi Everyone - 

    Wanted to be sure I'm not missing some information about the SVOG.  Based on the recent post-grant guidance, I believe there was supposed to be an update to the final budget that was to be released through the portal in January.  I just tried to access the portal and it seems not to be working, nor have I received any information about this budget update.

    Want to be sure that I didn't miss anything...

    Any insights?

    Best to all,

    Katrina Foy (she/her)
    Managing Director
    EgoPo Classic Theater
    Philadelphia, USA

  • 2.  RE: SVOG?

    Posted 02-04-2022 13:28

    Hello Katrina,


    I was just able to log into the portal.  We have not heard anything further on new "Action Items" nor are they reflected in the portal for our grant.


    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in waiting.



    Brian Kelsey

    Managing Director

    Peninsula Players Theatre

    Phone: 920-868-3287

    Pronouns : He/Him/His


    4351 Peninsula Players Road

    Fish Creek, WI 54212







  • 3.  RE: SVOG?

    Posted 02-04-2022 13:32
    Thanks, Brian.  I probably hit an old link somewhere.  But good to know that I haven't missed the actual budget guidance.  If anyone else has anything else to add, let me know.


  • 4.  RE: SVOG?

    Posted 02-04-2022 18:48
    The budget update was promised in November, then December, then January.  Now it's looking like February. You haven't missed anything, so don't worry.  You'll get a notice of a new action item when it is available.  The intent is just to update your budget to match your total award amount (including supplemental if you got it), so they have a new baseline by which to adjudicate your final report. 


    Meredith Lynsey Schade | Producing Director | HERE | She/Her
    145 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013
     • 212.647.0202 x 309 |

  • 5.  RE: SVOG?

    Posted 02-05-2022 00:54
    guessing i was not supposed to be in this communication thread??...