Crowd You're In With

Crowd You're In With

By Rebecca Gilman

Directed by Amy Glazer

Originally produced at Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA.

November 10, 2007 through December 9, 2007

About the Premiere Production: The Crowd You're In With is a rich and nuanced exploration of two couples in their early thirties - one on the brink of parenthood and the other trying to conceive. An older, progressive couple from upstairs (who are also the landlords) upends the group of friends' sense of themselves, their future, and the choices that have led them to where they are.

A backyard barbeque is the perfect place to tackle the big questions: Is the chicken done? Will the weather hold? Is it the right time to have a baby? Gilman's fresh and moving new play takes a close look at modern families, friendships, and whether sometimes two people in love just might be enough.

Artistic Statement:
The Magic Theatre is thrilled to present Gilman's brilliant new work The Crowd You're in With. The play is a gem. It is a nuanced, generous and insightful look at the fundamental relationship and significant choices made by a couple. It is accessible and profound, comically familiar and achingly unresolved. The world premiere at the Magic will represent the fifth collaboration between Gilman and director Amy Glazer. Gilman is a master dramatist at the peak of her game exploring her most personal play within a strong, Aristotelian tradition. And Glazer has a powerful gift for illuminating naturalistic texts and a proven sensitivity to Gilman's characters and rhythms.

Based on Gilman's acclaimed talent, national prominence, and production history, The Crowd You're in With has a strong likelihood of entering the contemporary cannon of American theatre. The play is clear and evocative evidence of a major talent in her prime. The combination of playwright, theatre, play, and director create confidence in the high expectations of ongoing success of The Crowd You're in With.

Director:Amy Glazer

Set Design:Erik Flatmo

Lighting Design:Kurt Landisman

Sound Design:Sara Huddleston

Costume Design:Meg Neville

Stage Manager: Angela Nostrand

Subsequent Productions: 
Goodman Theatre in Chicago – May 23-June 1, 2009


“To beget or not to beget? That is the question at the heart of Rebecca Gilman’s "The Crowd You’re in With," a delightfully funny and thought-provoking new play that opened Saturday at the Magic Theatre.”

- San Francisco Gate

“Rebecca Gilman is a Pulitzer-prize
nominated play write. I hope she wins big for this one.”

- Purple Women Blog

“Rebecca Gilman’s excellent straightforward dialogue provides the framework of the story; it sparkles with droll remarks about what is just around the corner for these folks.”

- Talkin’ Broadway