Prince of Atlantis

Prince of Atlantis

 By Steven Druckman

Directed by Warner Shook

Originally produced at South Cost Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA.

March 30, 2012 through April 29, 2012

About the Premiere Production:
Things aren't going so well for Joey Colletti, one of the biggest seafood importers in the East. He got into a little trouble with his company and landed in a minimum security prison. To add to his woes, after 30 years, the son Joey never knew wants to meet him. In prison? Maybe his brother Kevin can put the kid off for nine months—until Joey gets out. But Kevin has a couple of problems of his own. Set in the Down the Lake section of Boston, where the jargon is all their own, and so is the bombast, this tender—and funny—play is all about family, loyalty and love.

Artistic Statement: 
In The Prince of Atlantis, Steven Drukman has crafted a play full of wit and heart, distinguished by vivid language and universally appealing characters. It’s a play about family dynamics, but on another level it examines ideas of legacy and cultural integrity within the microcosm of a dying subculture. It reminds us that family will always be the cornerstone of any culture, and that a culture can only be as strong as the moral values and ethos held in common by its adherents – who bond with one another by means of story-telling and truth-telling. We’re pleased to continue a relationship with Drukman that has included collaborations on two previous plays. The Prince of Atlantis will serve as one of the cornerstone productions of SCR’s 15th Pacific Playwrights Festival in April 2012, allowing us to share it with colleagues from across the American theatre.

Grant Statement:
The Edgerton Grant will allow SCR to add a full week of rehearsal for the world premiere of The Prince of Atlantis. That additional time will extend Steven Drukman’s opportunity to fine-tune the play before the demands of the production and the needs of the director and performers must supersede script development.


Director: Warner Shook

Set Design: Thomas Buderwitz

Lighting Design: Peter Maradudin

Sound Design: Michael Roth

Costume Design: Angela Balogh Calin



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January 30, 2012