The March

The March

By Frank Galati

Directed by Frank Galati

Originally produced at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago, IL.

April 5, 2012 through June 10, 2012

About the Premiere Production

"General William Tecumseh Sherman, Uncle Billy to his men, marches 62,000 Union soldiers through lush Georgia countryside. Bearing along both black and white refugees, the march destroys everything in its path, turning home into exile and exile into home. Its epic force forever changes the lives of those caught up in its sweep: a liberated slave, a sheltered daughter of a Southern judge, a pair of Confederate deserters and Uncle Billy himself. The March is a work of grand scale and scope that chronicles Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea in 1864-65, the final months of the Civil War. Doctorow’s complex narrative retells the story of this devastating military campaign as seen through the eyes of his characters — white and black, rich and poor, Union and Confederate. This is a story of momentous upheaval and the changes that it engendered in our national life and psyche for generations to follow."

Artistic Statement

Steppenwolf’s commitment to the world premiere of this challenging work emerges from our long-standing relationship with ensemble member Frank Galati. We are undertaking this very ambitious project through a co-commission with Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s The United States History Cycle. The March, when placed within the context of the United States History Cycle, is a significant addition to the discourse on this country's identity and we are honored to contribute this work to the canon of American drama. - Marth Lavey, Artistic Director

Grant Statement

The scale and complexity of this new play will require additional rehearsal time beyond what we ordinarily budget for our mainstage productions. With the Edgerton Foundation’s support we will extend the rehearsal period by an additional week, providing critical time for Frank, his cast, musicians and creative team to fully realize the work before production.

Director: Frank Galati

Set Design: James Schuette

Lighting Design: James Ingalls

Sound Design: Virgil C. Johnson

Musical Composition: Josh Schmitt

Cast: Alana Arenas, Ian Barford, Tim Hopper, Martha Lavey, Mariann Mayberry, James Vincent Meredith, William Petersen, Yasen Peyankov, Alan Wilder, Will Allan, Phillip Brannon, Patrick Clear, Carrie Coon, Stephen Louis Grush, Michael Mahler, Shannon Matesky