Another Way Home

Another Way Home

By Anna Ziegler

Directed by Meredith McDonough

Originally produced at Magic Theatre, San Francisco, CA.

November 7, 2012 through December 2, 2012

About the Premiere Production

While visiting their son at summer sleep away camp, obsessive middle-aged Jewish parents Lillian and Philip are compelled to question everything they thought they understood about their children, their marriage, and their true desires. Deceptively simple and invitingly humorous, this play takes a deep look at teenage depression and what it is like to be the “other” in a family of overachievers, as well as the emotional toll it exacts on the parents.


Loretta Greco, Magic Theatre's Producing Artistic Director

Another Way Home was the second production in Magic Theatre’s 2012-2013 season that contemplates the idea of family. I love plays that are deceptively simple, that convene playfully with us, the audience, and then surprise us when the level of communication deepens. Among its many gifts, Another Way Home gently reminds us that, as John Lennon told us, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” This play reminds us that our children see and feel our quiet compromises and contradictions, our class welfare, and our buried rage far more astutely than we do. It’s a play that in the age of Facebook, Twitter, texts, and email reminds us that it is never too late to stop and simply listen to one another.

Grant Statement

Loretta Greco, Magic Theatre's Producing Artistic Director

We were fortunate to have the playwright, Anna Ziegler, in residence throughout the rehearsal and preview process, and an extra week of rehearsal to develop a long-term relationship with this talented writer. This extra week of rehearsal created true bonds between the actors and allowed the playwright the time to explore and refine the script before it opened up to audiences.

In addition, we firmly believe that Another Way Home possesses all the necessary ingredients for continued life after its world premiere at Magic Theatre. Thus, this extra week of rehearsal time not only helped further the play’s developmental process at Magic Theatre itself, but also a smoother transitional period of development to other theaters in the future.

Development of Another Way Home was supported by the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center during a residency at the National Playwrights Conference of 2011. Preston Whiteway was the Executive Director and Wendy Goldberg was the Artistic Director.

Developed as part of Chautauqua Theater Company’s New Play Workshop series, 2010.

Director: Meredith McDonough

Set Design: Annie Smart

Lighting Design: Paul Toben

Sound Design: Sara Huddleston

Costume Design: Annie Smart

Dramaturg: Carrie Hughes

Stage Manager: Angela Nostrand

Director of Production: Sara Huddleston

Technical Director: Dave Gardner

Props Design: Erin Brandt

Cast: Jeremy Kahn, Riley Krull, Kim Martin-Cotten, Daniel Petzold, Mark Pinter

Additional Funders:
Season Producers: Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock • Producer: Delia Ehrlich


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