By Michael Golamco

Directed by Will Frears

Originally produced at Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA.

October 9, 2012 through November 18, 2012

About the Premiere Production

Kip and Will became Silicon Valley legends after the viral success of their blockbuster video game. But success has driven them apart: Will has become a suit obsessed with the bottom line, and the death of his wife has turned Kip into a total recluse. Now they’ve been thrown back together in a high-stakes gamble to complete and ship a new multi-billion dollar game; but as Will re-enters Kip’s life, he realizes that his old friend has built a whole other world — complete with an artificial intelligence to whom Kip escapes to ease his loss. Now Will and Kip must work to resolve their differences, confront the past and face the fact that technology’s brave new world often leaves us with little else but a yearning for the old one.

Artistic Statement

Build is an exciting project for many reasons, not the least of which is that Michael Golamco is a Los Angeles based writer living around the corner from the playhouse. A true local talent. We have followed his work for some time and this play strikes a particular chord as it deals with how one processes grief and moves into another stage of living. Golamco has created an A.I. character, further examining how living in a world of technology has allowed us to try to substitute true relationships for virtual ones, hence never putting ourselves at risk. The profound impact of this piece, coupled with its incredible humor and wit, make it a play that will surely appeal not only to our audience, but audiences around the world. We are further excited by the addition of Will Frears as the director of the play, a man with whom we have been looking forward to having here at the Geffen. His previous collaboration with Golamco and his body of extraordinary work make him an ideal collaborator on this smart, timely new piece. This is a significant new play by a writer whom I believe will have a long and fruitful career in the theater. It is a joy to work on a play with such depth and humanity and I believe the greater community will embrace it as such.

Grant Statement

By enabling Build to have an extra rehearsal week, the Edgerton’s generous grant has given the artistic and creative team invaluable time to tweak and perfect this world premiere to ensure it has the best production possible and give it the best chance for future success. For this particular project, the team has chosen to add this week when we feel it is needed most – during the preview period – to really give the creative team the time and opportunity to fine-tune the production at one of the most pivotal points in the process. Frears believes that a new play is well served honing the work when all of the pieces are in place rather than at the beginning when the script is the only aspect with which to tinker.

Director: Will Frears

Set Design: Sibyl Wickersheimer

Lighting Design: Daniel Ionazzi

Sound Design: Vincent Olivieri

Costume Design: E.B. Brooks

Cast: Laura Heisler, Peter Katona, Thomas Sadoski


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