Warrior Class

Warrior Class 

By Kenneth Lin

Directed by Evan Cabnet

Originally produced at Second Stage Theatre , New York, NY.

July 11, 2012 through August 11, 2012

About the Premiere Production

When Assemblyman Julius Lee makes a bid for Congress, the ghosts of his college days come back to haunt him. Nothing reveals true colors like a sprint to the finish, when friends become enemies and allies can turn on a dime. A political battle of race, romance, forgiveness and debt. (Pictured: David Rasche. Photo by Carol Rosegg)

Artistic Statement

Second Stage Theatre is pleased to present Warrior Class – an explosive, timely drama about politics, scandal, and how events from our past can impact our future – during this election year. At a time when political scandals are regular news items and 2012 presidential candidates are being scrutinized by the media and the public alike, Warrior Class taps into the public’s fascination with the world of politics and challenges viewers to think about what we demand and expect of our elected leaders. Warrior Class is also important because it brings diverse ethnic voices and experiences to the stage. The play examines the aftershocks of the immigrant experience in a unique way, and shines a light on the Asian experience in America, which has been underexplored on stage. In addition, the troubled period in Julius’ past speaks to the very contemporary yet classic themes of violence and isolation among American youth. There is a growing need and demand from both audiences and artists for a greater variety of races and cultures to be brought to the stage, and as American theatre works to meet that challenge plays like Warrior Class will be increasingly important and in demand.

Grant Statement

The Edgerton Foundation’s support is making it possible to add an extra week of rehearsal time to the production. This time is particularly valuable given that this is Kenneth Lin’s first full production in New York. The extra rehearsal time will allow him more time to make revisions to the script in a supportive environment before going in front of the public, as well as give the playwright and director extra time together to develop their collaborative vocabulary. For the actors, because the play requires subtle and complex performances, this extra time will also be key.

Director: Evan Cabnet

Set Design: Andromache Chalfant

Lighting Design: Japhy Weideman

Sound Design: Jill DuBoff

Cast: Louis Ozawa Changchien, Katharine Powell, David Rasche

Additional Funders: New Works at Second Stage Theatre are supported in part by the Time Warner Storytellers Fund


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