American Myth

American Myth

By Christina Gorman

Directed by Steve Scott

Originally produced at American Blues Theater, Chicago, IL.

March 7, 2014 through April 6, 2014

About the Premiere Production

Dr. Douglas Graham, best-selling author, beloved professor, and American history scholar, is accused by a former student of lying in the classroom about his participation in and around the Vietnam War. American Myth explores the line between personal and professional ethics, the difference between truth and history, and the myth of what makes a great man.

Artistic Statement

American Blues Theater is committed to developing the classic plays and musicals of tomorrow. Our new work development consists of a variety of programs – including World and Regional Premieres, the Blue Ink Playwriting Award, Blueprint commissions, and Ripped: the Living Newspaper Festival of new short-plays. More than half of our mainstage productions are World and Regional premieres.

We discovered this script in our national annual playwriting competition. We awarded Ms. Gorman the 2012 Blue Ink Playwriting Award - she received a cash prize and staged reading in Chicago with our Ensemble. After meeting Christina and discussing the play, we chose to produce the script as a mainstage. Ms. Gorman said, "Many theatres give out playwriting awards, but it’s rare to find a theatre that produces the prize-winning play. It’s laudable and gutsy, both of which are perfect descriptions of what American Blues Theater is today!”

This script speaks to our mission: American Blues Theater illuminates the American ideas of freedom, opportunity, and equality in the plays we produce and communities we serve. Ms. Gorman’s brilliant script explores the Founding Fathers’ identity during the birth of the United States as well as the historical relevance on today’s society. Based on a true story, Ms. Gorman powerfully bridges the past and future. Given the text’s quality, thematic nature, riveting character arcs, and small cast size, this script will be desired through the U.S. at regional theaters.

-Gwendolyn Whiteside, Producing Artistic Director

Grant Statement

As a small U.S. theater (operating budget under $500,000), this grant gave us an extra week of rehearsal!

Director: Steve Scott

Set Design: Grant Sabin

Lighting Design: Gina Patterson

Sound Design: Victoria DeIorio

Costume Design: Rachel Lambert

Cast: Mick Weber, Steve Key, Jordan Brodess, Cheryl Graeff, and Terry Hamilton