By Theresa Rebeck

Directed by Marc Masterson

Originally produced at South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA.

October 17, 2014 through November 16, 2014

About the Premiere Production

Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The British consul pours tea for the American undersecretary of state, avoiding her questions—with answers to ones she hasn’t even asked. (Diplomacy at work.) In the street below, a group of women sets in motion a carefully planned protest. The results are devastating enough to ignite a battle of wills and wits—now that a life hangs in the balance. A riveting story by a prolific Broadway veteran and Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Artistic Statement

This production is part of a continuum of work that I have produced by Theresa Rebeck over the past 12 years including the premieres on Omnium Gatherum and The Scene, as well as full productions and workshops and development of other work. I admire her fierce intelligence and courage in confronting current issues while integrating her native sense of humor and skill with dramatic structure. The play’s topicality could be felt in every performance and you could witness the audience leaning in.

--Marc Masterson, Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory (Director: Zealot)

Grant Statement

The extra rehearsal time allowed us to explore contextual changes in the text that helped strengthen the dramatic thru-line, and allowed the actors time to explore different approaches to character and the rhythms of the script.

--Marc Masterson, Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory (Director: Zealot)

Director: Marc Masterson

Set Design: Ralph Funicello

Lighting Design: Russel H. Champa

Sound Design: Cricket S. Myers

Costume Design: Alex Jaeger

Additional creative team: Joanne DeNaut (Casting), Sue Karutz (Stage Manager), Kelly L. Miller (Dramaturg), Kathryn Davies (Assistant Stage Manager), Travis Donnelly (Assistant Director), Rachell Campbell (Literary Assistant), Lalena Vigil Hutton (Costume Design Assistant), Andrew Stephens (Light Board Operator), Jacob Halliday (Sound Engineer), Bert Henert (Wardrobe Supervisor)

Cast: Demosthenes Chrysan, Adam El-Sharkawi, Nikki Massoud, Alan Smyth, Charlayne Woodard

Additional Funders:
Private contributions: Honorary Producers Yvonne and Damien Jordan