by Lucy Kirkwood directed by Rufus Norris 

Originally produced at National Theatre London SE1 9PX

June 25, 2017


Synopsis: The premise of Mosquitoes focuses on two sisters, Alice and Jenny. Alice is a scientist living and working in Geneva, consumed by and defined by her work as a particle physicist at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) to the detriment of her troubled teenage son, Luke. Jenny is visiting from the UK. She defines herself by her failure as a parent -  she is mourning her daughter, who died of measles as a result of her mother’s refusal to give her the MMR vaccine for fear that it was linked to autism. However the play is far from a conventional family drama. Whilst it is a story of sibling love, it also explores subjects which are closely linked to the practice of science, such as faith and reason, certainty and uncertainty, the pursuit of excellence and scientists’ constant struggle to balance their research ambitions with family life. 


Artistic Statement: Mosquitoes will be directed by Rufus Norris in the National Theatre’s Dorfman Theatre from June 2017. As Director of the NT, Rufus selects up to two plays per year that he will direct himself. His decision to direct Mosquitoes therefore speaks to his belief in the extraordinary nature of the work.


Grant Statement: Support from Edgerton Foundation has enabled us to schedule two weeks of extra rehearsal time to give this new work the opportunity to reach its full potential. 


Cast: Olivia Coleman 


Additional Funders Winton Charitable Foundation


Set Designer: Katrina Lindsay

Lighting Designer: Paule Constable

Sound Designer: Paul Arditti