Objects in the Mirror

Objects in the Mirror

by Charles Smith

directed by Chuck Smith

Originally produced at Goodman Theater, Chicago, IL

April 29 to June 4, 2017

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: Charles Smith presents a gripping account of one African refugee’s attempts to find peace by exposing a potentially dangerous, lifelong secret. After surviving a tumultuous upbringing in war-torn Liberia, Shedrick Yarkpai has found a new home in a sunny, coastal Australian city. Safe from the horrific perils of guerrilla soldiers and refugee camps, Shedrick now faces a different type of danger: the haunting memories stirring inside him. Inspired by writer Charles Smith’s friendship with a Liberian refugee-turned-acclaimed-actor, the playwright crafts a harrowing story of personal honor vs. familial obligation and the responsibility that comes with being a survivor.

Artistic Statement: Although the “immigrant experience” is not, in and of itself, a novel subject for American playwrights, the present-day tsunami of individuals and families in flight from devastating conflicts around the globe has thrust immigrants into the international spotlight and given special urgency to their stories of personal tragedy and survival. The importance of sharing and illuminating these powerful stories through the unique lens of the arts cannot be overstated, and Goodman Theatre welcomes the opportunity to use its resources to this end with its production of Charles Smith’s Objects in the Mirror. ~ Artistic Director Robert Falls

Grant Statement: Adequate rehearsal time is essential to realizing the full potential of a new work as it makes its final transition from developmental workshop to staged production. This grant will enable playwright Charles Smith and director Chuck Smith to take the additional time needed within the rehearsal process to continue developing and refining Objects in the Mirror in close collaboration with the diverse company of actors and designers they have assembled for this world premiere production. ~ Artistic Director Robert Falls

Additional Funders Supporting Objects in the Mirror: ConAgra Foods, and PwC.