The Siegel

The Siegel

by Michael Mitnick

directed by Casey Stangl

Originally produced at South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA

March 24 to April 23, 2017

About the Premiere Production:

Synopsis: In this fresh take on classic romantic comedy, Ethan is deeply in love with Alice, and the play opens with his heartfelt plea to her parents, Ron and Deborah, for permission to marry their daughter. Ron and Deborah are sympathetic to his request, as they’ve always liked him—but they see one major hurdle: Alice and Ethan broke up over two years ago and haven’t spoken since. In fact, Alice is happily in love with her new boyfriend, who proves to be as understanding as can be about the situation, even when Ethan continues to pursue Alice with inexhaustible fervor. Ethan is equal parts charming, exasperating and hilarious, but as he continues his pursuit he begins to show hints of something hidden behind the confident personality he’s crafted. Meanwhile, his intrusion shakes loose the insecurities of the other characters, revealing the crazy that’s in everyone. The play hurtles along with entertaining hilarity…until the final scene, when an unexpected revelation throws into question everything you thought you understood about Ethan Siegel. THE SIEGEL is a whip-smart comedy that shines a light on the vagaries of love and the tantalizing desire to investigate the romantic road-not-taken.

Artistic Statement: We’ve read Michael Mitnick’s work for several years, and always had an appreciation for his sharp wit and wry observations. His range as a writer is wide, and yet his unique voice and sense of humor always clearly shine through. THE SIEGEL takes his flair for sophisticated comedy to a new level and the twist at the end of the play suddenly opens up a new way of looking at everything that has come before and makes it crystal clear that Mitnick has more than laughs on his mind as he considers the choices we make when we choose to love.

Grant Statement: By funding an additional week of rehearsal, the Edgerton grant will afford playwright Mitnick and director Stangl the time to explore the final stages of the script's development -- with actors and designers on hand to inform the process -- without impinging on the necessary exploration that must always happen in rehearsal.


Set Designer: Michael Raiford

Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Harper

Costume Designer: David Kay Mickelson

Sound Designer: Cricket Myers

Honorary Producers: Steve and Laurie Duncan