Way of the World

Way of the World 

by Theresa Rebeck

directed by Theresa Rebeck

Originally produced at Dorset Theatre Festival, Dorset, VT

About the Premiere Production:

In July, the Festival continues its commitment to developing new plays with a World Premiere of The Way of the World by Theresa Rebeck. The Way of the World is a contemporary retelling of the sardonic masterpiece by William Congreve. Set in the demimonde of the hyper-rich Hamptons, it follows the story of a good-hearted heiress who has become prey to the attentions of an amoral party boy. After he callowly seduces her aunt, making the older woman a figure of public ridicule, their romance is dead in the water. But his insistence on winning back the moneyed heroine fuels the summer’s gossip in the land of the one-percent. Can love emerge in a world where love means nothing? While embracing a language which is completely of the moment, the play faithfully revels in Congreve’s gimlet-eyed questions about society. Theresa Rebeck herself will helm the production, bringing with her a star-studded cast.

Cast: Kristine Nielsen, Brent Langdon, David Turner, Brian Dykstra, Nilanjana Bose, Josiah Bania, Elizabeth Evans, and Katie Paxton


Set Design: Narelle Sissons

Lighting Design: Michael Giannitti

Costume Design: Barbara Bell

Sound Design: MuTT L. Dogg