Women of a Certain Age

Women of a Certain Age

Written and directed by Richard Nelson

Originally produced at Public Theatre, New York, NY

November 04 to December 04, 2016

About the Premiere Production:


Synopsis: Women of a Certain Age takes place in the course of a single night, eight months after we first meet the Gabriels. Patricia, the family matriarch, joins her children and daughters-in-law as they prepare a meal from the past and consider the future of their country, town and home. Paying tribute to the difficult year behind them, the Gabriels compare notes on the search for empathy and authenticity at a time when the game seems rigged and the rules are forever changing.


Artistic Statement: 

If you are new, or perhaps returning to Richard Nelson’s Gabriel Family this season for What did you expect?  or Women of a Certain Age, you may find yourself at some point asking a question we have received from our patrons. "Why don’t the actors speak up?" We asked Richard to respond directly to this question so that you have a firsthand understanding of his artistic intent: 


"Why don’t the actors speak up?” 


It has long been assumed that it was the actors’ job to ‘project’ their voices out to the very back row of a theater. To achieve this, actors found ‘sweet spots’ on stage; and of course found it helpful to face directly out to the audience.  The effect of this, of course, was that the play was being "shown" or "presented” to an audience, who could then sit happily back and watch it. With The Gabriels, as with my previous series The Apple Family plays, I am trying to create something else: an intimate world of very human conversations that you will want to lean forward to witness and overhear, as if you were watching and listening through a half opened window or keyhole.  My hope is that with these plays, you will want to actively participate, by leaning in and actively listen.  I hope you enjoy the plays and I look forward to seeing you at The Public.” 


As with all Public Theater productions, even if you have slight hearing impairments, there are Audio Listening Devices available for your use. These devices are available on a first come, first served basis and can be picked up in the lobby of the Public beginning thirty minutes before the show, while supplies last.


Grant Statement:The Gabriel plays are supported by a Theatre Commissioning and Production Initiative grant from The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Women of a Certain Age is made possible with the generous support of The Edgerton Foundation New Play Award.


Cast: Meg Gibson, Lynn Hawley, Roberta Maxwell, Maryann Plunkett, Jay O. Sanders, Amy Warren


Set Designer:  Susan Hilferty and Jason Ardizzone-West

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Tipton

Sound Designer:  Scott Lehrer and Will Pickens

Costume Designer: Susan Hilferty

Production Stage Manager: Theresa Flanagan